Monetary Management is an art and a science of managing the nation’s money to achieve its financial goals. This includes creating and maintaining a budget, investing surplus funds, and securing funding for new projects or expansions. Effective monetary management is crucial for any nation, as it allows the nation to make informed decisions about how to allocate its resources and ensure its long-term financial stability. This guide aims to provide an overview of the principles and practices of monetary management, useful in all domains of Finance including Banking, Capital Markets, Investments, and Accounting.

This book of “Monetary Management” is designed as per the syllabus of MBA, Fourth Semester, Andhra University. It is divided into five units:

Unit I Provide an overview of the Central Bank, Reserve Bank of India, and other related Central Bank concepts.

Unit II Helps in understanding Monetary Policy tools.

Unit III Throw light on the topics such as Open Market Operations, and impact of tools of monetary policy in regulating money supply.

Unit IV Gives brief information regarding Credit Policy, Inflation and Recession.

Unit V Provides about Budgets, and striking a balance between inflation and growth.

We sincerely believe that students should acquire balanced knowledge of theory as well as practical aspects of the subject. We have structured the fundamentals in a concise and accurate form. We are expecting valuable suggestions for improvements from our dear students and lectures, which will be useful for our next edition.

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